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Blockchain Capital has raised and deployed four venture funds, including what it believes to be the first ever token offering of a venture fund (the BCAP tokens) in April of 2017. The firm is based in San Francisco and was founded by serial entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley investors Bart Stephens and Brad Stephens. To learn more, please visit and follow us on Twitter @blockchaincap. The BCAP tokens are subject to transfer restrictions to comply with applicable securities laws and regulations. In order to further enhance compliance with applicable securities regulations and the transfer restrictions applicable to the BCAP tokens, the original smart contract underlying the BCAP tokens will be upgraded utilizing the Securitize platform.

  • Blockchain Capital also pioneered the world’s first ever tokenized investment fund and by extension the blockchain industry’s very first security token, the BCAP, which the company sold through a security token offering in April of 2017.
  • What we built at Securitize and subsequently with the Digital Securities Protocol (“DS Protocol”) was meant to address some of the compliance and transfer restrictions applicable to security tokens like BCAP.
  • This is a major step forward for mainstream adoption,” adds BitGo CTO Ben Chan.
  • Blockchain Capital helps to solve some critical problems that have made security token investing more difficult than it should be.

Blockchain Capital is one of the earliest and most active venture investors in the blockchain industry and has financed 100+ companies and projects since its inception. The company invests in both equity and crypto assets and is a multi-stage investor. Blockchain Capital also pioneered the world’s first ever tokenized investment https://cryptolisting.org/blog/how-to-do-payroll-taxes-and-process-payroll-yourself fund and by extension the blockchain industry’s very first security token, the BCAP, which the company sold through a security token offering in April of 2017. BitGo is the market leader in digital asset financial services, providing institutional investors with security, compliance, custodial, and liquidity solutions.

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The Securitize platform and the newly released Digital Securities Protocol (“DS Protocol”) will help to provide further assurance that trading in the BCAP tokens will comply with applicable regulatory requirements, including during secondary trading. This upgrade is expected to provide BCAP Token holders with liquidity on secondary trading platforms that are integrated with the DS Protocol. We will begin to see more funds bypass the traditional limited partner model in favor of raising capital from the crowd via a regulated security token offering. “Security tokens are an increasingly important asset class for institutional investors and BitGo is here to support them.

While they are underpinned by the same technology, security tokens differ from the more common utility tokens because they grant rights such as ownership, voting, or dividends to their holders. Cryptocurrency custody provider BitGo now supports the BCAP security token issued by Blockchain Capital. Kraken is a highly regulated cryptocurrency exchange that has recently benefited in signing up new investors due to the collapsed FTX exchange. Backed by Asia’s leading public fintech and digital asset company, BC Technology Group (863.HK), OSL is the world’s first SFC-licensed and insured digital asset platform. Founded in 2018, OSL has an established history in the sector and is recognised by many as the leader in providing comprehensive regulated and licensed digital asset solutions. Forex trading involves a wide range of participants, including individual traders, financial institutions, governments, corporations, and investors.

Blockchain Capital – Driving Institutional Investment in tot the Market

Yet hardly any ICOs— if any at all— have complied with the SEC’s existing laws and regulations. Stephen McKeon is Chief Strategy Advisor at the Security Token Academy (host of the upcoming Security Token Summit in Manhattan, June 11). He is a finance professor at the Lundquist College of Business at the University of Oregon.

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Comprehensive charting and analysis tools are essential for traders to make informed decisions. A top-notch forex trading platform should offer a wide range of technical indicators, drawing tools, and various chart types. It should allow for in-depth analysis of historical price data and facilitate the identification of trends, patterns, and key support/resistance levels. Also known as foreign exchange trading or currency trading, is the global decentralized market for trading currencies. In this market, participants buy, sell, exchange, and speculate on the value of various currencies from around the world. The primary goal of forex trading is to profit from the fluctuations in exchange rates between different currencies.

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Recently, Estonia-based cryptocurrency exchange DX.Exchange announced it would enable the trading of security tokens, although the functionality is limited to accredited investors. “In addition to multi-signature wallet security, BitGo clients can custody their BCAP assets with BitGo Trust Company, a qualified custodian that provides compliant custody for security tokens,” the Palo Alto-based startup said in a statement. Blockchain Capital (BCAP) is a leading venture firm in the blockchain industry. The network is recognized as a pioneering force in the market for many reasons. It was the firm behind the first official security token launch in April 2017. Since that time, the security token industry has experienced significant growth with Blockchain Capital contributing to this expansion.

Notably, Blockchain Capital invests in both equity and crypto-assets. The main requirement to qualify for these funds is to be a blockchain-based firm with a concept that has the potential to upend the market. However, the issuers of the tokens must ensure compliance with the applicable regulations, and the infrastructure for trading and storing security tokens is still in its infancy. In theory, security tokens have the potential to dramatically improve the liquidity and accessibility of certain types of investments. The next months will be a testing ground for security tokens, but if the model proves out the way many envision, it will impact funds of all types.

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Certain information reflects the opinions of Blockchain Capital and/or Securitize. All the tokens recently added by BitGo, as well as those of the first batch, which covered only seven assets, were requested by the company’s institutional clients, it says. In April 2018, BitGo launched support for ERC20 tokens, and in July it added 57 coins and tokens.

What is believed to be the first token ever issued as a security is now on the Securitize platform and using our DS protocol. This validates our platform as the most market-ready platform and protocol for security tokens today. Ripple, the cross-border payment company powered by blockchain today announced they have invested $25 million in XRP to Blockchain Capital Parallel IV, LP — the first fund to accept capital calls in digital assets — and… BitGo’s patent multi-signature wallet technology has attracted institutional players because it offers an enterprise-grade custody service for their assets as well as application programming interface access to its underlying security platform. BitGo’s multisig e-wallets require a transaction to have two or more signatures before it can be executed, a security layer that reduces the risk of fraud. In explicitly declaring themselves securities, security tokens abide by the SEC’s existing requirements, and therefore capture the regulatory compliance which is absent in ICOs.

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